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Start With The Sensual

Deep connection to your orgasmic energy starts with being connected to your body, to your senses, to your breath.

We are sensual beings. We have the senses. Life is enhanced by our senses. Touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, intuiting energies.

Sensual doesn’t equal sexual necessarily. But to be deeply connected to your orgasmic nature and sexual self, you must be awake to all your senses.

So if you want an easy practice to enhance your connection to your orgasmic self, slow down throughout your day and savor what you are sensing.

Tasting something delicious? Slow down. Feel it on your tongue. Chew a little more slowly. Take a deep breath as smell is linked to taste. Savor the flavor. Notice how your body reacts as you slow down and enjoy each bite. Maybe even add a little mmm mmm good moan. My kids are constantly telling me to stop orgasming over my food!

Smelling something invigorating or delightful? Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes. Take another deep breath and smell it to your core. Smell is a powerful part of your senses to tune into. Our smell has a large part to play in choosing partners. Most of us have heard the buzz about pheromones. Smell can set the mood in any environment. Walk into your house to the smell of fresh baked cookies. Walk into an office with the calming scent of lavender in a diffuser. Walk into a meditation room with the scent of incense burning. Walk to the beach with the salty sea air refreshing every part of your being.

See something that lights you up? A sunset, a smile, beautiful flower, a clean kitchen that you didn’t clean, work of art. Revel in the beauty for a moment longer. Feel your feet connected to the earth. Notice how the thing you are gazing upon impacts your entire body. Take the story off of what you are experiencing in the moment. Just be in wonder or awe or gratitude that this beautiful thing exists in the world. This is touching into the experience of worship. No need to own the thing, grab the thing, control the thing, pluck the thing. Just honor it as a beautiful thing in the world that you were blesse enough to gaze upon for this moment.

Hearing something that touches you in a deep space inside yourself? Music, words, silence, wind through the trees, the purr of a cat. We are constantly hearing and choosing what we actually listen to and what becomes background noise. Get curious about what sounds vibrate within you and how they are impacting you. Notice how your body responds to different kinds of sounds. Which sounds cause your body to melt and which sounds does your body contract? Play with silence. What do you hear in the silence?

Wake up to the sensation of touch. Take a moment to feel the back of your hand with the palm of your other hand. What is that like? What do you notice. How does your own touch feel to your skin? Run your hand through your hair. Find a piece of silk or velvet. Notice the fabric of your couch on your skin. Notice the drops of water falling on your head in the shower. Take time to be in the moment as you hug your friend or partner or child. Wake up to the way your feet kiss the ground with every step you take. We are touching and being touched by the world every moment of every day. How often do we wake up to those touches? Many of those touches given and received are full of delight if we would only slow down and notice them.

And finally, your intuitive sensing of energies. Have you ever watched a cat or dog or young child react to a stranger entering their energy field? Often they can sense something before they can actually see, hear, taste, smell or touch it. We all have this capability. We all operate in this sense at times. Some have honored and honed this sense and others have ignored their gut impulses, their intuiting sense because many are trained out of it as children. You can become reattuned to your gut knowing and your sensing of energies that are felt rather than seen. Slow down. What is the energy of the room? Is it calm, nervous, playful, subdued? What is the energy of the moment of your stroll on the beach or the walking path? Peaceful, brewing, joyful, pensive? Get curious and enjoy feeling into energies that are at play.

The more awake you are to your senses, the more connected you can become to your orgasmic energy. Life wants us to play. Life is inviting us to play. Get curious. Slow down. Notice. Engage with your whole being. Bring your body into your everyday living! You might find more pleasure at every turn.

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