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Unfolding of my Path as a Guide

EMIE KAY Coaching went live on Saturday, Feb 18, 2023. This is the beginning of a new era for me. I am stepping into the world as my most authentic expression of my wildish Soul Self yet with a message I’ve been trying to clarify since I was 13.

In August of 1989, I was invited to attend an Assemblies of God church camp for a week. I was offered a scholarship by my pastor who saw leadership potential in me. I was thrilled to be chosen. I was thrilled to get out of my house for a week in the summer. I was thrilled that I was going without friends.

Every evening was a camp worship service. On this particular night, they announced that the band would stay and play as long as people were in the sanctuary receiving prayer or soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Deep in my heart I knew I wanted to stay and meet with God. I would wait all night for the Holy Spirit to speak if I had to.

I kneeled, arms folded on the chair, head resting on my arms. I entered a meditative prayer state with the music in the background lulling me into another world. I don’t know how long I was there.

Eyes closed. I saw myself in front of two towering wooden church doors. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to my left and Jesus was looking at me with love. “I want you to give the people my message.”

My heart burst with joy and pride!

Immediately, I opened the church doors and strutted my way down the long aisle of a massive auditorium. It was empty, but that didn’t bother me. I knew how to give people Jesus’ message. I had been doing it since I was five singing special music at church once a month. I cherished the opportunity to speak for God. I would reverentially choose a song and then write a carefully crafted message that I felt God wanted to speak through me to the people. Giving the message before singing was always my favorite part. Of course this is what Jesus meant when he asked me to give the people his message.

I got on the stage, grabbed a microphone and prepared to sing my heart out . . . to nobody. Then I saw Jesus walking down the aisle toward me. He got on stage, grabbed the microphone and put it away.

He reached for my hand.

We walked back out through the church doors onto a balcony that overlooked a sea of people as far as I could see. He waved his hand over the crowd and said, “These people. I want you to give my message to these people.”  I fell at his feet, sobbing.

I cannot do that.

He knelt down, lifted my chin and said, “If you keep your eyes on me, you will walk on water.”

That vision is as clear in my mind’s eye today as it was 33 years ago. Throughout my life, I have loved and hated, put my hope in and then murdered this vision a thousand times.

Yet through all the turmoil, it was a guiding force in my spiritual journey. What the fuck is the message Jesus wanted me to give the people? This question kept me moving through dogma, theology, church rhetoric and denominations looking for the message that rang true within the deepest heart of my being. Funnily enough, I would even say this question is what led me out of Christianity. I found Eastern Jesus in Tantric and Esoteric Left Hand Path teachings. These are the messages resonating within my Divine Soul.

As I launch this beautiful website and EMIE KAY Coaching business, I am looking back on 13 year old me at Glacier Bible Camp, kneeling at my folding chair. I have found the message Jesus wanted me to speak all those years ago. No matter how I dress it up or down, it is a message of awakening and embodying our truest soulful divine essence. It is a message of remembering that I am Life expressing itself as Me. It is the message of the “I AM” that Jesus taught over and over. The kingdom of heaven is within. It is the message of true Incarnation, Unconditional Love, entering into Rest, and Truth of present moment awareness.

I have come home to my Self. It is time to speak this message to the world through unique, passionate ME.

With deep joy, in service to Life,


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