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Letter to Women Considering Womb Wisdom Initiation

Dear Powerful Women,

There are a few of you interested in the 9 month one on one coaching container that I’ve called Womb Wisdom Initiation. I am feeling very excited to walk across the threshold of the portal with each of you that say FUCK YES to this adventure. My schedule opens up at the beginning of June and I will be ready to journey with you in this way anytime after June 1st.

This morning during my coffee, breathing, being moments, I was thinking through some of the pieces of this initiation that have been so potent for me and for the people I’ve led through the 9 months. There are some foundational perspectives I come with that may be helpful for you as you prepare or feel into this container as you are deciding if this is a yes for you.

1. Life is not a series of problems to solve. Life is an experience to be lived. I will help you be with your self in your life scenarios rather than try to fix your self or emotions or circumstances. It’s a subtle but powerful shift. 

2. My life is not found outside of myself or in practices or programs or people. My life is happening with each breath I take, inside of my body, in synchrony with the Life happening around my body/spirit/soul. Every breath, I am receiving the gift of my life. We will solidify this reality and come back to it over and over as a reset point. 

3. I participate in my own suffering by replaying stories and self protective patterns unconsciously (and sometimes consciously). In this container, you will feel the love and safety to meet the truth of those small self patterns, learn how to hold them in love in an embodied way, and allow for the Mystery to alchemize/transform or calm those patterns so your true self, your real present moment life can move through you into the world. 

4. The first couple months we will spend a lot of time locating yourself inside your body, discovering the uniqueness of your divine self in this particular body in this particular moment. We do what my coach called, “apprenticing reality or apprenticing the truth of the moment.” This helps highlight how often we are pulled into past or future story rather than being with what is actually happening inside of your body and in the moment at hand. 

5. I will give you a couple options of consistent and easy breathing/grounding techniques that will shift your body/mind and sense of being held and connected to something bigger than you (Love/Life itself) in a profound way if you take the 5 to 15 minutes a morning to do it. I am not here to keep you accountable. That is actually part of the initiation of this container. You are coming into this initiation to fully individuate and become your own Sovereign of Self, learning to notice and hold even the resistance or patterns of procrastination or habit energy that doesn’t promote your well being as part of the powerful lesson at hand to hold in love and curiosity, not viewing it as a problem to fix. We are not entering into this container for you to “get it right.” We are entering into the container for you to honestly observe yourself without judgment and in love and to have veils covering your awareness of “What Is” to be removed so you can actually be free to live your real life. 

6. A blip on what I call the Right Hand Path vs the Left Hand Path of living and becoming. 

   The Right Hand path is an ancient way of ascending to your highest potential. It is typically connected to Masculine energy (piercing, linear, penetrating, logical, action oriented). It begins with the premise that there is a problem to fix. It proceeds to offer these steps to your solution. It often offers a promise of a better _____________. At the beginning of one’s healing and awakening journey, Right Hand path methodology is necessary and helpful. It increases your quality of life in dramatic ways at the beginning. Almost all of my Balanced Living BodyMindSpirit work is Right Hand Path work. Helping clients down regulate their nervous system to come out of patterns of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn. Helping people come back into their bodies and feel safe inside of themselves after trauma or simply living in a culture that disregards the way the body is always speaking to us. Helping people build healthy relationship to emotions and moving the energy of emotion through their body instead of repressing it or misdirecting it. Most of my work in my Balanced Living sessions is about helping your quality of life feel more manageable, more centered, more healthy, more connected to Self, Spirit, Earth and then to Others. Right Hand path is often about reaching out to grab something to help me regulate, change or grow.

Please hear me when I say Right Hand Path is not a wrong or bad path. But there comes a point in some people’s healing and awakening when they realize this path never actually gets me into deep satisfaction, rest, or Being. It is a never ending ladder to climb. There is always a problem to fix. Always a methodology that will give me a “better life.” The question often comes in at this point, “Is there an end to this working, striving, fixing, healing?” 

ENTER the Left Hand Path (often after a shit ton of work, money spent, and growth has happened in your life and now what? Or after a major life event/tragedy/transition occurs people will ask these questions. . . Is that all there is to Life?). 

Left Hand Path is also an ancient path and described as Feminine Wisdom. It is cyclical, spiraling, think the development of a baby and the birthing process, a little more messy and mysterious. It is dropping down into the earth as a seed to break open and rise through the dirt to bloom. It is going inside to meet your deepest Truth, your glorious divine soul essence, and often the shadowy, repressed parts of you that you’ve been scared of or society/religion/family was afraid of or said you shouldn’t feel or be or do. It is dropping in to meet your unique expression of Self to bring into the world from a restful, co-creating with Life Force, easeful, present moment way. 

That all sounds great. But the hitch is that we have small self, egoic protections (also not wrong or bad) that were developed to help us survive in this particular family, religion, culture without getting kicked out or punished for being “different.” Those protective systems of our ego are quite sure we will not survive if we stop playing the games of survival we’ve always played. It can be a shock to our psyche and our nervous system to try to dislodge these protections without first having a new structure in place. A structure of Self that knows it is Loved, Held, Safe Enough in the flow of Life Force to bring our truest soul essence into the world no matter what the outcome. Most of us are handed down stories in our DNA that remind us that somewhere in our lineage, someone(s) got banished, punished, killed, suffered intensely for living their truth out loud. It is deep deprogramming and reprogramming that happens in the initiation container to remind your entire body, mind, soul that it is worth living your truth rather than hiding or pretending. Ultimately, we can come into such trust with Life Force inside of us and around us that if we are living our truest essence in the world, we can trust that even in death, our divine soul essence will communicate Truth (think Jesus, Gallileo, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the witches, healers, and women even in modern day who are brave enough to live their truth out loud in the face of persecution.) I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t have hardship. I’m proposing that you will know that you are loved, held, and connected to Life Force/Love so deeply that you will trust the process that living your truth out loud will initiate in the world around you.

This is the work. Can you build that safe space inside of YOUR BODY and build new support structures in which you feel safe enough to get super honest with your self about the sneaky but once helpful patterns keeping you safe and small. It’s not rocket science. Waking up to your true self is simple in concept. But it is hard work. 

It follows patterns of Life, Death, and Rebirth. We allow the old ways of being safe to “die” in order for your truest soul essence to be reborn through you in this moment. 

In the end, I won’t guarantee you will have a better life or body or more money or or or. (Though sometimes we do because once we align with our soul truth and meet the shadow parts that were so afraid of expansion, we will find abundance channels open and flow). But I can say that in my own journey with this path and for those I’ve coached through it, you will have your Self no matter what your external circumstances cycle through. You will be so familiar and intimate with the cycles of Life, Death, Rebirth and trust those cycles so much that you can meet and hold yourself through anything. You will have the knowing that you are Loved and you are Love. You will be so in tune with your Soul Essence Truth that it will feel like the worst punishment to self abandon. You will have a deeper awareness that Life is an experience to be had, a game to be played and it’s not nearly as serious as your egoic protections thought it was. You will be confidently able to meet the things you might currently be subconsciously afraid to feel, meet, admit within your own experience. Learning to tell yourself the truth rather than bullshitting yourself with your own egoic stories is SO FUCKING LIBERATING. 

You will have freedom to Live, to feel anything and everything and not have to push any of it away because none of it is wrong or bad. It is simply an experience to be with. You will be located solidly within your Self and your Body, knowing your Fuck Yes and Fuck No, holding yourself when your small self egoic protections are freaking the fuck out that you just went against a pattern you’ve always utilized. 

For 9 months, you will have my support in a powerful, energetically Loving and Safe container as you meet these moments. I will be reminding you that you can find your Self if you slow down, drop in, locate You and wait for the next action to arise from that stillness. We will hold the tensions, the paradoxes, the war within your body and mind with such love and safety that they will start to alchemize and transform in ways you actually can’t put words on. It’s the Mystery at work. You will begin to feel courage rise up from your deepest spaces to speak and live your truth with more confidence in the world, no matter what ripples or waves are created because of it. 

I hope some of this helps set the stage for our work together. If it brings up more questions, send me an email or let’s schedule a quick phone call or zoom chat. This letter may clarify that this isn’t what you’re looking for or you want to chat about a 3 month container that is more focused on Right Hand Path methodology in Pussy Power Activation. Or maybe this gives you more information to sit with and let your soulful self and Life Force create the opening for your Yes. 

I deeply love and honor each of you. 



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