LIFE is inviting you to Wake Up to your Sovereign, Orgasmic, Whole Self.

Journey to Awakened, Empowered Being

a seasoned guide

what to expect

You’ve hidden your truest soul, your magic, your power, your orgasmic energy in order to be accepted, loved, safe, certified, valued in a patriarchal world. You’ve played roles and chosen small self protections that help you feel safe but not alive. You strive to fix, heal, hold it all together. You have exiled large portions of your self and experience to the shadows because you (and society) deem them unacceptable.

Your Wild Woman Soul is in the deep, dark cave of your being. She is calling. She is ready to be seen. She wants to be ALIVE. She wants to feel her orgasmic energy course through her body. She wants to be powerful. She wants to be weak. She wants to dance with the rhythms of Life-Death-Rebirth. It is time to be Liberated and Sovereign. To be intimate with Self, Source, Earth and Other. You are ready to descend into Womb Wisdom and Pussy Power. It is time to arise and Reveal the Universe Inside of YOU.

the universe inside of you

discover, explore, and reveal

Age I was called to be a guide on the path of Love and Truth


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When women companion their bodies, own their orgasm, & flow in their erotic energy, everything shifts. When women know and communicate their Fuck Yes and Fuck No, when they know their turn on is sourced from within not without, they step into Sovereignty. When women are self responsible, self satisfied, & intimate with Self, Source & Earth they radiate Life, Truth, & Beauty connecting intimately with Others. When women know they are Whole Unto Themselves and are centered and rooted in their Womb Wisdom and Pussy Power, they are Goddess embodied. When women are living Goddess embodied, the world Re-members.

I am devoted to Orgasmic Living.

I am not interested in helping you get more of what you want in life. I am not interested in helping you get where you think you want to go. I am devoted to helping you BE more of Who You Are in the world. You. Your Soul Essence, inside of your body, expressed in present moment. I am here to guide you underneath powerful, small self egoic protective patterns to shift the locus of your consciousness to BE and LIVE FROM your Whole, Embodied, Orgasmic, Soulful Self. 

I support you in being more of Who You Are.

 I have not lived one second inside of your body, your experience, your soul. I do not have answers for you. I do not know how you should live. I do not know your next best move. I do not have a ladder to climb promising your perfect life. I believe everything you need is inside of you. I believe you are Whole. You simply need to Re-member. I trust Life in and around you. I am honored to reflect your Whole Self back to you in Love and Truth. I delight in supporting awakening & alignment of your Sovereign, Soulful Self.

I am devoted to your sovereignty.

There is something bigger than Me breathing Me every moment of my life. I Am ALIVE. I am receiving the Gift of My Life with every breath. I am Life expressing itself as Me. I AM. It is the Joy of my Being to submit my small self protections to this Love holding & sustaining me, this Life Force flowing in, around, through Me. I am devoted to the embodied consciousness of Being, Resting, Flowing with Life, as Life, in Love.

I am in service to Life/Love.

- VL / exeter, CA

Thank you for leading and accompanying me on the journey to find this sacred space inside of me! My womb space feels connected to my heart and is a special place of unconditional love, acceptance, support, safety, and strength. There I find sacred connection with Divine Feminine, Earth Mother, the entire Universe and truth of who I really am. 

“I am so grateful you are guiding women to their truth, peace and power.”

i want a guide!

Shifting your consciousness from small self protections to waking up to your empowered Soulful Self is not easy. It takes clocking time in direct experience with Truth of present moment, building relationship to your deepest Soulful Self centered in your womb, learning to flow with Life as it is. I am honored to devote time and energy to support you as you practice resting, being, living from your most authentic Soulful Self, Womb Wisdom, and Pussy Power.

Activate Pussy Power, Drop into Womb Wisdom, Express your Soulful Self

I’m here to guide you 

I’m a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Rising. Scorpio North Node

I love and honor Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Inanna, Isis, & Kali as archetypes leading me back to my whole, embodied Divine Soul Essence

I love cats, dragons, spiders, snakes, hawks, octopus, sharks, mythology and alchemy.

I’ve traveled to 15 countries and lived 2 years overseas.

I birthed, homeschooled, & guide four gloriously wild humans.

my wildish soul

a peek at

Hey Wild Woman! I’m Emie Kay

I was married 18 years and divorced since 2016.

I adore rivers, oceans, mountains, trees, Lunar cycles.



kim krans

Magdalene Mysteries

Trevor Hall

MuGwort + St. John's Wort

Plant love



tarot artist




You want a guide as you unleash your Womb Wisdom and Pussy Power

You are ready to end striving and Rest in your Wholeness

You are ready to Own your Orgasm 

you will want to work with me if:

-Ash l.

Within Emie's safe coaching container, I found a space to be witnessed, held, and feel honest support. I felt completely dissociated from my body for years. Learning what it means to slow down and drop in was a power I never knew I could have. I've found so much value seeking guidance in pussy power and learning to lead with my absolute FUCK YES! Thank you, Emie.

"Working with Emie has been a transformational piece in my rebirth."

We choose a start date and enter into the sacred container.

04. coaching begins

In order for these initiatory spaces to become your living experience, I look for mutual synergy between us. We will both feel a Fuck Yes if the timing is right.

03. Mutual Agreement

Once I receive the questionnaire, I’ll contact you to schedule a short connection call or zoom meeting

02. we'll connect

Fill out my contact form! This will help us both know if this is the time to open a container together.

01. reach out

You have an embodied knowing this deep initiation, this shift in consciousness, this reclamation of your orgasmic energy and Soulful Self is what you are ready for. Your pussy is on fire and your womb is pulsing, “FUCK YES!” What to do next? 

Make your Move

Feel your FUCK YES building?

deep gratitude

Giant Thank you to the people who support my Soulful Expression in the world!

Charissa Mayeda of soulbright studios

The most epic web designer! Thank you for being so fucking fantastic to work with and capturing MY SOUL in color, image, and energy.

Tracy Gregory photography

You are pure magic! Thank you for an incredible wild woman photo shoot!

My best friends

Erin, Erin & Logan. I want to do every lifetime with all of you!

My Writing Down the Soul Cohort

Jodi and Marcelo. Thank you for holding me in deep, transformative, soulful becoming. You are Magic. I love you both!

My Magical Dream Tending Partner

Whitney. You are powerful medicine.

Our First Wild Woman Circle Sisterhood

You are all fucking trailblazers! Thank you for being our initiation into the joy of holding potent Sisterhood Initiation Spaces.

My Balanced Living Clients

For those who continue to transition with me, I cannot thank you enough for evolving right along with me! You are GOLD.

My family therapist

Thomas Castro. Thank you for your constant encouragement, support, and wisdom given to me and my kiddos over these years of undoing and remaking. 



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* Magdalene Mysteries
* Womb Awakening

Seren & Azra Bertrand, M.D.

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

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Rachel E. Gross

The Ethical Slut

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