Join me in a potent 3-month coaching container and experience an Intimate Relationship to your Orgasmic Energy that empowers, alchemizes, energizes your entire Being. I’ll meet you where you are. I’ll guide you as deep as you want to go and hold exquisitely safe space for you to deepen relationship with: Your powerful orgasmic, life force energy; Your sensual, sexy body; Your fiery, flowy Wildish Soul; Your shadows and current barriers to Pleasure & Power. 

You will learn self-pleasure, breathwork, & embodiment practices to help you own, deepen and create with your orgasmic life force energy. You will have my powerful, initiatory Presence guiding you in safety as you descend into your depths and unleash the glory of your own orgasmic life force energy through your body.

Are you ready to slow down and savor every juicy sensation of your beautiful body and luscious life? 

Pussy Power Activation

Enter this sacred 9-month container where I'll guide you to drop underneath small self-protective patterns that create the sense of brokenness and separation from Self and Source. This initiation will help you contact your Wholeness, REST in, and Express your true BEING. You will learn to untangle your Soul Truth from the sneaky subconscious self-protective patterns keeping you in the loop of suffering, seeking, striving, staying small. 

I am here to support you in becoming more of WHO YOU ARE. You will begin to trust Life WITHIN YOU. You will begin to TRUST the Fuck Yes and Fuck No of your embodied Womb Wisdom. You’ll learn simple awakening and awareness practices and teachings to guide you into Rest, Truth, and Joy of Being with the support of my powerful, initiatory Presence guiding you in safety as you descend into your depths to reveal the universe of you.

Drop in. Discover, Explore, Reveal the Universe Inside of You.
Play with the natural rhythms of Life-Death-Rebirth.

Womb Wisdom Initiation

  • 9 month initiatory sisterhood circle (co-lead by Erin Lindsey.

  • Two 2-hour gatherings each month on Zoom

  • Recordings of meetings sent the following day

  • Short Live Coaching Moments in the meeting container with volunteers

  • Begins in September and is active through May each year

  • Enrollment opens once a year in August

Join this Sacred Sisterhood as Erin Lindsey and I hold a safe, sacred, alchemical container for you to be INITIATED INTO MORE OF YOUR OWN UNIQUE SOULFUL SELF. Erin brings the strength of her intuitive gifts and training in astrology and evolution of soul consciousness. I bring the teaching of awakening womb wisdom and dropping into your truest soul essence to bring your unique magic and gifts to the world. 

Heal the sisterhood wound as we celebrate one another, grieve with one another, and learn to hold one another safely without jumping in on each other’s process. Heal the ancient witch / healer / high priestess wound as we allow space for your unique soulful magic, womb wisdom, and pussy power to be activated, celebrated and present among us.

Practice expressing your Soulful Being, trusting your Womb Wisdom, and speaking & creating from your orgasmic pussy power supported by sisterhood. It’s pure Magic. 

juicy details

Wild Women Circle

We choose a start date and enter into the sacred container.

04. coaching begins

In order for these initiatory spaces to become your living experience, I look for mutual synergy between us. We will both feel a Fuck Yes if the timing is right.

03. Mutual Agreement

Once I receive the questionnaire, I’ll contact you to schedule a short connection call or zoom meeting

02. we'll connect

Fill out my contact form! This will help us both know if this is the time to open a container together.

01. reach out

You have an embodied knowing this deep initiation, this shift in consciousness, this reclamation of your orgasmic energy and Soulful Self is what you are ready for. Your pussy is on fire and your womb is pulsing, “FUCK YES!” What to do next? 

Make your Move

Feel your FUCK YES building?