to be haunted by an underlying sense of broken, incomplete, disconnected, not enough, too much even as I was creating a successful, beautiful life and business. In all my striving, the longing was to be free, juicy, flowing, Whole, intimate with Life.

I know what it's like

I'll guide you to drop underneath small self-protective patterns that create the sense of brokenness and separation from Self and Source. This initiation will help you contact your Wholeness, REST in, and Express your true BEING. You will learn to untangle your Soul Truth from the sneaky subconscious self protective patterns keeping you in the loop of suffering, seeking, striving. Practice slowing down, dropping in and moving from Wholeness and Truth. Experience the joy of living in Alignment with Soulful Self and Source Flow. You Are Whole. Receive the Gift of Your Life!

Whitney Fink
RN, MN, IBCLC, Dream Tender

Santa Barbara, CA

Emie is very much walking the walk and cultivating Womb Wisdom within! I can feel and learn just by how Emie is being. That shift in consciousness that she/they have embodied, allows me to feel safe enough to share and allow more of my wholeness to be present and seen. When I work, well really it’s play, with Emie, what comes alive is living activations that stay with me as resources. Spiraling deep within to my Womb Wisdom has awakened in me the embodiment and deep connection to the feminine power of creation! From this place I am no longer people pleasing or thinking about what I “should” do. Instead I am centered in my body and inner knowing in a new way which is aligned with who I am and my own needs. I had been searching for this shift for a long time in different ways. Emie is gifted and real and speaks truth in such an empowering way. She models how to stay with Oneself. 

"Emie is a powerful guide and example of living from Womb Wisdom and Being Consciousness."

Guides and sacred initiation spaces have been supporting humans for centuries in waking up to True Self consciousness. 

Cultural, familial and religious programming that helped you choose your egoic protections is reinforced in every corner of your world. Exiting the matrix is not easy. Softening egoic protections to live from your Soulful Self can feel intensely difficult alone.

The Seduction of Small Self Egoic Protections is sneaky and strong. We have ingrained habit energy of seeking, self deception & protection that keeps us stuck. This is our suffering. 

The Truth is Free and can set you free. You are Whole right now. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you.

Why you Don’t (and Do) Need This

i want a guide

yes please

I am not interested in helping you get more of what you want in life or get where you think you want to go. I am here to support you in becoming more of WHO YOU ARE. You will begin to trust Life WITHIN YOU. You will begin to TRUST the Fuck Yes and Fuck No of your embodied Womb Wisdom. Rest in Being. Courageously express your Soulful Self in the world. 

BE More of WHO YOU ARE in the World


Womb Wisdom Initiation

womb wisdom initiation

This Initiatory Container Includes

9 month one on one sacred coaching container
(Sept - May)

Weekly 90 minute coaching sessions (zoom or in office) Option to record sessions

Unlimited text conversation support throughout the week

Free intuitive astrology reading with Erin Lindsey. Check her out at

i'm ready

Simple awakening and awareness practices and teachings to guide you into Rest, Truth, and Joy of Being

My powerful, initiatory Presence guiding you in safety as you descend into your depths to reveal the universe of you.

in your womb wisdom initiation you will:

Rest in the Truth of Life/Love. YOU plus NOTHING is enough.

Live the Joy of Being ALIVE, awake to Love, Truth, Beauty in present moment

Enjoy your Self as a beautiful, unique expression of LIFE

Practice contacting and living from your sacred, embodied I AM

Learn to bring your Soulful Self Offerings to the world with confidence, ease and flow in collaboration with Life itself.

Find courage in our safe, loving container to look at the self-deception that keeps you stuck. 

this is for me

Is Womb Wisdom Initiation for you?

this is not for you if...

this is for you if...

You are still enamored with Seeking, Striving, Fixing, Acquiring, Manifesting

You are just starting your spiritual or embodiment journey 

You don’t feel courage to practice releasing control, facing areas of self-deception, and trusting Life/Love in the safety of our container.

You are still overly attached to your history, victimization, traumas & failures, roles, accomplishments and the way you think life should be. 

You have a sense of this truth: I am not my thoughts, I am not my body, I am not my sensations, I am not my emotions, I am not my experiences, I am not my trauma. I AM the ME having these experiences.

You are ready for Freedom from small self egoic patterns, striving, self-deception, stories, suffering.

You are ready to know your Self as a unique expression of LIFE in present moment, allowing what is.

You are ready to Apprentice the Truth of present moment. Tell yourself the Truth. Live the Truth of your Soulful Self Expressions.

of womb wisdom initiation

BEING Consciousness is available to every human at every moment. I chose to connect Awakening of True Self to Womb Wisdom Consciousness because my calling is to support a shift in consciousness and re-member womb wisdom. They are intimately connected in my personal and professional experience. We ARE ALL fundamentally connected to womb consciousness even if we are not honoring and flowing with it. We were all formed within the Womb and came forward as our unique selves from the Womb. We all feel the separation/seeking consciousness the moment we exit the Womb. Our small self egoic, seeking personality begins to form. We begin the search for oneness, completion, wholeness outside of Self. When we wake up and find our way back HOME to ourselves within our own bodies, we re-member our Divine Wholeness that was there all the time. It is the Divine Play. Duality emerging from Non-duality only to merge again with Source/Non-Duality.

I’m ready to Drop In and Wake UP

behind the name

Client Transformational Story

I have been a chronic people pleaser most of my life. I have read the self help books. I've climbed the never-ending ladder of self improvement. I've checked the boxes. I've hustled, strived & performed to prove to myself that I am worthy. I found myself at the bottom... empty, lonely, filled with longing for something REAL. Longing for Truth. Emie's transmission is a warm, red velvet blanket. Soft, welcoming, magnetic, rich, deep, potent. I have never met a Being like her. She holds an alchemical container of Truth where I am able to meet my Self, my REAL SELF. She does not push her way into my process. She simply holds the transmission around me as I connect with Who I Really Am. This is not a container to find ways to behave or do it better. This is a container that has allowed me to COME HOME to the seat of my Self, my Soul, my Essence. Rest. Ease. Pleasure. JOY. I am experiencing numbness melt into sensation! I am experiencing what it means to EMBODY, FEEL, & BE ALIVE. If you are longing for Truth, to meet your True Self, to feel Alive again, do yourself the pleasure of working with Emie & get ready to experience Life like never before.

Erin lindsey

Astrologer, Oracle, Priestess
Port Townsend, WA

Women in my world were not connected to the natural rhythms of their body nor the natural rhythms of Mama Earth and Source Within.
In my childhood innocence, I was intimately connected to my soulful self because of my relationship to nature, the imaginal realm, and my orgasmic energy, as many children are. I dropped into this authentic part of myself often in solitude. She has always been wildly alive and creative. But every woman I knew was giving her power away, silencing her truth, squeezing herself into cultural and religious patriarchal roles and looking for a savior outside of herself. I was not initiated in the powerful ways of Soulful Self Womb Wisdom. 

I did not grow up in the presence of women who were self-possessed.

I covered up my magic. I dimmed my light and hushed my voice as they had, and their mothers had, and their mothers had. I pushed myself to live a linear, productive, people pleasing life. I sacrificed my soulful self on the altar of acceptance and familial, cultural, and religious conditioning supported by my chosen small self egoic protections.

Throughout my life, my path spiraled through teachings of Evangelical Christianity, Christian Mysticism, Tantric and Taoist philosophies, and ancient witch/high priestess/healer wisdom. I sought healing, spiritual ascension, knowledge, manifesting my best life, certifications and approval. In all the seeking I finally realized I would never be satiated by an external source, god, goddess, man, woman, or methodology. I couldn’t heal myself to wholeness. I was ready to journey into my own Deep Womb Wisdom to find my Whole, Soulful Self. She was calling. I was ready to come Home & re-member Source Within. With the initiatory spaces held by Ernest Morrow, Dr. Jennifer Selig, Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, the Indigenous Spirit of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ, and Layla Martin, I dropped back into the Wisdom of my Womb, found the joy of being alive, and the truth that I am Whole, Loved, Held, and Supported by Life Itself. I AM Life living itself as Me. 

My Soulful Self was calling me Home.

From that truth, I am free to live in flow and acceptance of Life as it is, not as I wish it to be. I’m honored to hold potent, safe initiatory space for YOU to re-member Who the Fuck You Are. Live the Joy of Being Alive. Bring your unique Womb Wisdom, Mystery and Magic of your Soulful Self into the world. If you need a guide, I am here.

i choose you as my guide

Megan Millington
Toronto, Ontario

I wanted to feel the realness of the Goddess within me and feel the power of my Womb and pleasure. I have never teared and purged as much as I did in her sacred holding. I truly felt my understanding of the Goddess and of my sacred Womb Wisdom. I am grateful for the level of space holding and intuitive support from Emie. It’s truly something to be felt and experienced. I wish this for everybody interested in tapping into the power of the Womb. 

"For me, it was a body felt sense knowing to work with Emie."

end your seeking

Embodied Soulful Self Wholeness

Intimacy with Self, Source, Earth and Other

You are Life Expressing Itself uniquely as YOU

Trust your womb centered Soulful Self

Freedom and Confidence in Soulful Self Expression

Trust Life/Love flowing in, around, through You in present moment

Live the Joy of BEING ALIVE, Dancing with Life as it Is

Courageously tell yourself the Truth about Life and live YOUR TRUTH Confidently.

Confidence in your connection to your own Womb Wisdom and natural rhythms of Life-Death-Rebirth

find your self

sign me up

18 monthly payments * $666

9 monthly Payments * $1,333

payment plan options

Drop in, Open Up, Flow with the Joy of Being ALIVE



 I would love to guide you as you shift your consciousness to wake up and live your wild Soulful Self Expression in the world. 

I will not ask you to enter a contract with me. You will pay month to month. At the end of each month you will have the option of closing the container. There are no refunds. You are not paying for a skill set or a better life. You are paying for the time I’m offering you as a guide. The Truth is Free and Accessible at any moment. My guidance is not.

Will I be signing a contract?

Your Life is the curriculum. I am skilled at guiding you into embodied Soulful Self. I am skilled at supporting your direct experience with your present moment truth, and creating safe enough space for you to lovingly meet your areas of self-deception and self protection holding you back from living your Soulful Self Expression more fully in the world.  I have teachings and phrases for you to practice living within and observing what comes up for you as you practice shifting consciousness from small self egoic protections to your truest Soulful Self Expression. My methodology is a blend of teachings I have received in my initation spaces with Ernest Morrow, Layla Martin, Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, and Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand

Do you have a curriculum or methodology?

There is powerful initiatory rebirth energy on the 9 month womb wisdom of human growth & development. Shifting consciousness away from egoic protections to true Soulful Self Expression takes focused, intentional time resting in Being, receiving the Gift of your Life.

Small Self Egoic Protections are strong, self-deceiving, and supported by your subconscious, nervous system patterns, familial, cultural, educational, and religious systems surrounding you. Feeling enough safety and support to disentangle your Soulful Self from those strong self protective patterns is difficult. A guide is beneficial.

In our 9 month weekly meeting container, you have consistent loving, safe, nurturing support to shift your consciousness consistently enough to soften and invite your egoic protections to submit to Life and your truest Soulful Self Expressions with confidence, empowerment, and joy. 

Why 9 months?



No. I will give you a list of books that may be added support for your journey. Nothing is required.

Will I need to purchase any extra materials? 

  • Certified Sex, Love, Relationship Coach through Layla Martin’s 650+ hour program at VITA Institute: A Tantric Approach to Sex, Love and Relationships. 
  • Completed a 9 month Left Hand Path initiation with Ernest Morrow. Completed a 9 month apprenticeship to teach Left Hand Path. Continuing work alongside Ernest Morrow. 
  • 30+ years of service in spiritual growth and embodiment work.
  • Graduated from University of Multnomah in 1998 with a BS degree: major in Biblical and Theological Studies and a minor in Women’s Ministry.
  • Certified CranioSacral Therapist through Upledger Institute. 
  • Certified Esalen Massage Therapist through Esalen Institute. 
  • Entrepreneur: Began Balanced Living: BodyMindSpirit Therapy Practice in 2016.
  • Trauma Studies Certificate From Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Writing Down the Soul Memoir Certificate I, II, III, IV from Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • DreamTending Certificate I & II with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat
  • Studied Qi Gong practices with Master Pat Bardone.
  • Feminine Magic School with Seren Bertrand: apprenticeship in Feminine Magic into Diamond Womb
  • Biomancy University: 1 year Diploma with Dr. Azra Bertrand
  • Divorced in 2016 after 18 years of marriage. I had no money to my name, four kids to support, lived on welfare for 2 years until my business could fully support me and my kids. I was determined to Live my orgasmic Soulful Self honestly in the world. I connected to my Pussy Power and began living from my Womb Wisdom Soulful Self in an intimate, honest relationship with Life Force. 
  • Birthed and guide four wildly unique and amazing humans in this world. 
  • Homeschooled all my kiddos throughout their entire elementary and high school experience with the help of a public charter school.
  • Traveled 15 countries, taught and lived 2 years overseas 
  • Was a doula for my friend at the birth of my two god-kids

What are your certifications and qualifications to guide me?

My Divine Soul
My Body
My four children
Layla Martin @
Ernest Morrow @
Jennifer Selig @
Dr. Stephen Aizenstat @
Seren Bertrand @
Dr. Azra Bertrand @
Eric Moya @
Pat Bardone
Spirit, Jesus & Mary Magdalene
Goddess Archetypes: Inanna, Isis, Nut, Kali, Lilith

Who are your teachers?

frequently asked questions

Womb Wisdom Initiation is on zoom or in person. Text conversation support is available throughout the week. You have permission to record the sessions. This is a deep initiation in which your life, the truth of what is, and the present moment is the curriculum.

How will we meet?

No. I coach humans of all gender and sexual identities. If womb wisdom wording does not resonate with you, we can locate and work from an embodied space in low belly (lower Tan Tien or Hara). If you are looking to shift your consciousness from small self egoic protections to Soulful Self Awakened and Empowered Being Consciousness, that is all that is necessary. Contact me if you want to talk this through. <3

Is Womb Wisdom Initiation only for humans with wombs?

If you are interested in working with me but you aren’t ready for my one on one coaching and initiation offerings, I invite you to join the Wild Woman Circle that begins in September of each year or check out my BodyMindSpirit Sessions at Balanced Living.

Balanced Living is my entry level one on one work. These are in person sessions to learn to embody and hold yourself in your process, create safety within yourself, move through trauma, downregulate your nervous system, etc.

Do you have any entry-level offerings?