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Wealthy Woman Vault

Dearest Wild Women,

Join me on this adventure with Katya Nova and this stunning group of women sharing their wisdom about money and wealth. It’s value is far beyond what you will pay. This offering is from May 1-14, 2023. The price increases every four days. Grab it now. You won’t regret it if you are being called to uplevel your awareness and ability to make money work for you rather than working for money. If you are like me, you need to be exposed to women who are talking about their relationship to money and how they overcame blocks to live in abundance and financial freedom. This is a place to do that. Drop in and check it out here:



From May 1st 9 am Pacific – $55  (it’s time for a new beginning)

From May 5th 9 am Pacific price goes up to $111  (you’re entering a powerful manifestation portal)

From May 9th 9 am Pacific price goes up to $222  (your big dreams are becoming a reality)

From May 13th 9 am Pacific price goes up to $333  (unexpected surprises are coming your way)


is everything you need to become magnetic to money, finally understand the Basics of Investing & Crypto (in a language that actually makes sense), learn about Real Estate, Aquarian Business Models, and become a financially literate, Wealthy Woman.

The WEALTHY WOMAN VAULT is an exquisitely curated collection of ready-to-enjoy courses, workshops, masterclasses, pdfs, and resources worth over $20,000 — all yours for just $55 right now (the price goes up in 4 days!) 

And NO, there’s no catch. 

 I asked my favourite, badass, walk-the-talk WOMEN IN WEALTH visionaries to contribute their BEST stuff into this Vault. 


It’s only available for 14 days and then it’s gone. Don’t miss this chance. 

💸 Have you ever wondered why, no matter how much money comes in, it never feels like enough? 

💸 Have you ever felt knots in your stomach at the mere thought of checking your bank account (and so you’d rather just not look at it at all)?

💸 Have you ever saved up a chunk of money, only to have an unexpected bill or expense come up and wipe away all those savings?  

💸 Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about charging for your talents, or managing your finances?

💸 Do you want to make your money work for you instead of you working for money?

💸 Do you wish you would’ve started investing (in Real Estate, Crypto, savings for your kids’ future), but it feels out of reach, and so you don’t do anything about it – because… isn’t investing for rich middle-aged white men

💸 and is it true that at some point in your life, you’ve experienced guilt or shame around your decisions & choices that had to do with money?

You’re not alone. That’s why we created The Vault – for YOU, for all of us. 


The Vault is for you if… 

+ you’re ready for money to start working for you instead of you working for money

+ you dream of buying land or a home, or invest in real estate 

+ you’re tired of wondering ‘where all the money goes’ 

+ you want practical strategies to put every dollar to work

+ you want to start investing but don’t know whom to trust with advice 

+ you’ve curious about passive income streams 

+ you’re curious about the impact of astrology & human design on your ability to generate wealth

+ you’re ready to build generational wealth (for you, your family & your legacy)

+ you’re finally ready to drop guilt & shame and heal your relationship with money 

+ you’re finally ready to understand the universal principles of manifestation

you’re FINALLY ready to become a financially literate, Wealthy Woman. 

tell me, if you’ve ever felt this way too, [NAME]… 

… like your money’s gone before you can figure out where it went 

… like you don’t feel safe because it’s always running out

… like if you manage to save anything, an unexpected bill or expense comes up and wipes out all your savings 

… like you want to buy land, or a home to call your own, but it feels so out of reach 

… like you want to invest in your kids’ future, or your eventual retirement, but you haven’t started because it feels confusing and overwhelming 

… like at one point or another, you’ve experienced guilt or shame around your decisions & choices with money?

me fucking too. 

that’s why i wanted to create THE VAULT – because all that manifestation talk is great, but how do we actually manage our money, what can we do to put every dollar to work?

and what about investing and crypto and real estate – how do we start (when we don’t know where to start)?! 

so i searched, and researched, and asked the most ‘wealthy’ & successful women i knew (because, at Tony Robbins says, success leaves clues)… to help me. THE VAULT was born out of that. it’s a living prayer, an epic library of resources, masterclasses, in-depth courses, and priceless wisdom to empower us on the journey to financial literacy. 

and i say, NO MORE. 

i don’t want to feel like for the rest of my life like i’m working for money, i want money to work for me. 

i want to be a financially literate, Wealthy Woman, because wealth in the hands of women can change our children’s future. and the well-being on our planet.  

if you agree with me, i want to invite you to participate in the BIGGEST EXPERIMENT IN MOVING MONEY THROUGH THE HANDS OF WOMEN – THE WEALTHY WOMAN VAULT. 

what is it?!

💸 44 women

💸 $20K worth of masterclasses, courses, Talks, pdf’s & resources

💸 stories from women in wealth







… and so much more. 

all in a sexy Vault, ready for you to dive in. 


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