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Descend into your Deep

Welcome to EMIE KAY Coaching.

Thank you for dropping in.

My desire is to create a sacred space where you can safely meet your Self. Your Whole Self. Your Womb Wisdom, your Pussy Power, and your Soulful Essence. I hold the container in Love, Truth, and Playful Curiosity. I am fully present as you journey down the spiral staircase from thinking brain, slowly spiraling down through the center of your body, meeting each magical portal inside of your glorious being.

Pause for a moment. Say hello to your beautiful body, your beautiful being.

Three deep breaths. Notice the expansion and contraction of your body in connection to your breath.

Imagine standing at the top of a spiral staircase in the center of your brain. Do you want to descend to your roots? To see what they look like? Feel like? How they are reaching ever deeper into Mama Earth to bring her nourishment into your system? I’m inviting you to get curious. To slow down, descend and discover the universe within your own glorious body and being. Experience your connection with and the support of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Cosmos.

If you are ready, take the first steps onto the spiral staircase. Can you imagine this as a ceremonial moment? You are entering your temple to greet and honor Life flowing through your body as YOU.

Spiral down through the throat, the glorious instrument singing your unique song in the world. What are the colors? The textures of this space inside your temple? Just notice. No need to evaluate or tell a story here.

Spiral down through your heart, noticing the purest essence of Love in the very center. Can you locate it? Is it hidden? What colors? Sensations? Messages? What do you notice in this temple space of the heart?

Spiral down through your solar plexus, sensing the rhythmic expansion and contraction, openness and protection at play. No thing you become aware of is wrong or bad. It simply is. You are discovering, honoring, observing the temple space of your personal will.

Spiral down into your womb, your pelvis, your pussy. What do you notice? Take a moment. Slow inhale. Long exhale. Sensation? Heavy. Full. Numb. Juicy. Pulsing. Pain. Pleasure. Warm. Cold. Tingling. There’s no wrong answer, only noticing what is. Say hello. I’ve come to get to know you, mysterious portal of all Life. What is your magic? What is your wisdom? What is the flavor of your power, your passion, your mesmerizing beauty? What is my relationship to you? What is your message to me, divine womb?

And finally, spiral down into your roots. Into the dark of Mama Earth. Can you feel her holding you even as you are reaching down to find security? Notice the safety. Notice the warmth. Notice if there are other roots intertwined with yours. Notice if this is a place you know. A place you can return to.

You are rooted and grounded in Unconditional Love. Held by a beautiful Earth and your own Loving Awareness. Filled with the balance of Light and Dark . . . Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine. Breathing in the Breath, the gift of Life.

May Life bubble up from the earth, through your roots, through your powerful pussy and womb wisdom, up through your solar plexus and heart center to sing and whisper, scream and silence, speaking confidently your message, the message of YOU into the world.

May you experience greater intimacy with Self, Body, Breath, Earth, and Other.

I’m looking forward to journeying together,

Unapologetically Alive,


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