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Last Parting Words to My Old Life

ATTENTION EVERYONE FROM MY PAST: Including my dear relatives in Montana and Wyoming, my ex, all those I did Christian Ministry with and those I shoved my Christianity upon. These will be my last words to the communities of my old life on these platforms. From this day on, I will be speaking to My Tribe. . . magnetizing those who are ready for the real, potent, magical, sensual, loving, truthful ME. To the people of my past, I love you and have deep gratitude for all of you. Truly. But I hid myself because I was afraid I would not be accepted as my truest expression of my Soulful Self. And clearly, I was right in many respects. Now I just don’t give a fuck if you like me or not. I AM LOVED. I AM HELD. I AM.

From this day forward, if you choose to follow me and comment in negativity or accusation or pleading me to come back to Jesus, I will not be responding. Feel free to stalk me and gossip. It actually feeds my energy loop and supports my exposure. And here’s a little secret of mine. I actually LOVE making your jaw drop. I LOVE making you wonder what I’m really about and what I really believe. I LOVE making you uncomfortable for the purpose of shaking things up so you might open your mind to something new. So, just know that when your jaw drops, your judgment rises, and your gossip starts . . . you are playing MY GAME.

My website has been scheduled to launch 3 different times. And all of them have had reasons for delay. Today, as I’m waiting for things to align for my launch, I was in deep meditation and realized once again, this step into my next platform and deepest life work to date, on this auspicious day of the full moon was asking for me to be very clear in my body, mind, soul and energy field. So I did some work to prepare my ancestral lines for this shift. I’m doing what so many women in my lineage could never do. I’m shining my Truth and Magic and Power and Sensual Life Force Energy into the world to liberate all in my lineage from the oppression of those who would keep us from our Sovereignty and intimate connection to our S*exual Creative Life Force Energy, Spirit and Nature’s Rhythms. MANY MANY MANY women all over the world are taking these steps together. It is time.

As I was in a deep space of clearing trauma from my pelvis, the song SHADOW by Kesha came on. This is my anthem for the day. Check it out.…

I put it on repeat and let it soak through me as my body shook.


I AM NOT HERE TO BE A GOOD GIRL. But . . . I’m not here to be a bad girl either. I AM SIMPLY HERE TO BE ME. Some of you will perceive me as bad. Some of you will perceive me as scary, evil, dangerous, etc. Some of you will perceive me as Inspiring. There are so many ways to receive me.

But let me be clear. Your perception of me is simply a reflection of you. And my reaction to you is an awareness of me. Over the last few years, I have felt very defensive when your perceptions of me were less than “kind.” Now I see that there were parts of me that were still very afraid of you thinking I was bad or mean or evil or or or or.

I am deeply working with those younger versions of myself while I step into the fullness of my I AM energy. I’ve been in contact with this Divine essence of ME since childhood. I was just terrified to bring her forward. All my small self protective patterns worked REALLY hard to keep her hidden under nice girl, good girl, smart girl, healer girl, innocent girl, helpful girl. I love those dear parts of me that helped me survive. But I don’t need them anymore to access “love and acceptance” that was never actually love and acceptance. I AM LOVED. I AM HELD. I AM WHOLE. And your opinions and fear and perceptions . . . . good or bad have NOTHING to do with me. I am fully aware of that now.

On this auspicious day, I am here to do a strong about-face. Until today, I have been partially trying to speak to you, dear past people I’ve loved. Trying to explain or shock or draw you in or help you see that I’m ok even if I’m crazy or bold or witchy or s*xual. Then I just tried to tell you to fuck off in no specific terms because I was so sick of all of you trying to save me from the demons I must have fallen into. No more. From this day on, I’m looking at my future. If you’re part of that, you’ll find a way to be standing with or next to me, not behind me throwing stones or knives or in front of me with pitchforks and torches. I do not need to be saved or destroyed by you. I can do both of those all by myself. And as I embrace those parts within me that are afraid of this path I’m walking, I embrace those of you that are scared of this path that I’m walking. But it’s mine. Not yours. And I embrace those parts within me that want to murder my true, bold, sensual, spiritual self. So I embrace those of you who would love to punish or destroy me for my true, bold, sensual, spiritual self. And for those parts of myself that are just so fucking curious what the hell this path will look like, I’m embracing them with love and faith that I am held by LIFE and LOVE. I am surrendered to this journey with every ounce of my being. For those of you who are simply curious where this is all going . . . I love you. Keep watching. It might be a good show. Or it might be boring as fuck from here. Who knows?! 😉

I do love you all. Those who are afraid. Those who are praying for my salvation. Those who are wishing I could be punished until I repent and submit. Those who wish I would just stop being so embarrassing. Those who are afraid I might bring your secrets to light. Those who are curious. Those who don’t know what to do with me. I love you all. You all represent voices in my head that I am learning to love and accept. So here . . . I publicly extend my love and grace to you, projected versions of all those blocks within me as I take this giant leap forward into my Life Work!

Join me if you dare. . . . .…

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